In view of urgent need for increasing in-country crude oil refining capacity BridgeHedge has decided to play a role in private oil refineries in the country by developing an industrial park with a mini refinery complex.


BridgeHedge offers a wide range of products refined in the BridgeHedge Refinery including Premium Motor Spirit (PMS), Automotive Gas Oil (AGO also known as Diesel), Dual Purpose Kerosene (DPK) and Aviation Turbine Kerosene(ATK).

rect_imgNatural Gas

 Gas resources are found in surplus in the Niger-Delta region of Nigeria. Nigerian Natural gas reserves are well over 187 trillion ft³ (2,800 km³), the gas reserves are three times as substantial as the crude oil reserves


Gas Pipelines

BridgeHedge Gas Network is a network of gas pipelines to be built and operated by BridgeHedge. It is aimed to monetize the abundant natural gas resources in the Oil and Gas rich Niger-Delta region of Nigeria.

Opportunities at BridgeHedge


BridgeHedge is offering equity shares to interested investors for its Refinery project. We are proposing this investment mainly to high net worth individuals with the desire to increase exposure to an attractive crude oil refinery. This opportunity is reserved to investors bringing a minimum amount of US$ 1 million.

In 3-5years BridgeHedge Refinery plans to obtain a listing at an appropriate exchange (IPO).

We believe in Equal opportunities for men, women, race, caste, nationality, Age and religion. At BridgeHedge we do not practice positive discrimination so everyone is part of our organisation based on ability and we find all forms of extremism incompatible with our client base.

At BridgeHedge, we pay finders fees to individuals or corporate bodies who partner with us by referring to us investors who invest in any of our BridgeHedge Projects.

partners200pxBridgeHedge views our partners as an extension of our team, playing an integral role in our development and growth.

Our Partners are Individuals and companies who work with us on the actualization of our business development.

Join us now, We are open to new partners everyday. You can contact us immediately.

Do you know ?

The Trans-Saharan gas pipeline is a planned natural gas pipeline from Nigeria to Algeria. It is seen as an opportunity to diversify the European Union's gas supplies.

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