About BridgeHedge

         BridgeHedge is a growth oriented company formed to build, own, operate, develop, and acquire a diversified portfolio of energy assets. We will be engaged in the business of Refining and Marketing of Crude Oil and it's by-products, we will also be involved in gathering, treating, processing and transporting Natural Gas.

         Our primary assets which will be located in Nigeria will provide critical infrastructure that will ensure energy security. We will supply Natural Gas to diverse markets including power plants, Industries, and domestic consumers through interstate and intrastate pipelines that BridgeHedge plans to build across the region. Our refinery will provide enough crude oil by-products for consumption locally.

VISION: Our vision at BridgeHedge is to develop critical energy infrastructure that will place us at the core of energy security in Africa.

MISSION: Our mission is to build, Own and Operate a Network of diversified energy infrastructure that will be strategically positioned to ensure energy security in Nigeria and the sub-Saharan region.

BUSINESS STRATEGY: Our strategy is to raise equity funds for our projects through corporate financing and debt options.

Our Values

① Trust

② Transparency



Trust is an attributable to every good relationship. At BridgeHedge, we ensure to be trusted at all times by establishing a good reputation. Our word is our 'word', believe it.  

We embrace Honesty & transparency because we must always be truthful, sincere and be able to justify our actions and decisions. We stay true to our clients because we believe in the future. 

We are open to different ideas and cultures. Adaptability is our core quality and this is why we can function in different fields. We are also flexible with our clients and fees. 

We meet commitments and are dedicated to delivering quality and value to our customers. We work together in an opened ethical way and we meet up with deadlines.