Akeem Adedamola Hassan

CEO & Co-Founder
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Akeem Adedamola Hassan CEO, BridgeHedge

Akeem Adedamola Hassan
CEO, BridgeHedge


Akeem Adedamola Hassan  is a young vibrant entrepreneur, Investor and businessman  who  believes every dream can be moved to reality in the shortest possible time and in the best possible way. With core values like transparency, honesty and excellence, he sees no limitation in anything.

The fundamental principle that good results can be driven by passion and energy is his ultimate belief. His interests are idea and business development, agriculture, energy, internet technology and media. He spends time meeting business minded people and  finding a common ground for mutual benefiting by taking advantage of every opportunity. Akeem uses his leisure time to travel, attend conferences and give back to the society. He holds a diploma in Russian language and a Bsc in Computer Engineering.

Other Companies: Co-founder of DimPid Inc (Nigeria) 2011-Present

                              Co-founder & Director                                                                  ForeignUkraine24(Ukraine)  2011-Present

Samuel Uhiah

Chairman & Co-Founder
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Samuel Uhiah Chairman, BridgeHedge

Samuel Uhiah
Chairman, BridgeHedge


Samuel Uhiah is a born serial entrepreneur of the 21st century. He is a visionary entrepreneur who believes in creating the future and who lives by the theory that:- "The Future are for those who see possibilities before they become obvious".

He believes All things are POSSIBLE and sees opportunity where others see impossibilities. He approaches risks with proper technical analysis. He is always focused on achieving set goals at high precision. He believes that nothing is unrealistic and takes flying leaps into the unknown.

Hobbies: Taking on new challenges which involve learning, Photography, watching news channels, Driving fast and powerful cars,

Interests: Blessing Nations is his passion. Property investing. Fashion & Style. Buying, starting, creating and rescuing companies. He loves Trans cultural cross border business development.